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An Opportunity for Tax Preparers

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Being an accountant focused on tax preparation offers a good living. While we live in a country with a voluntary tax system where the paperwork is supposedly simple enough to allow the ordinary citizen to complete and file the reports, millions of Americans reach out to trusted professionals to file their annual returns.

CPA Work-Life Balance Without Sacrifice

Many CPAs have built strong businesses around this function, but they have done so at a high cost. Most tax preparers experience very little work-life balance during tax season and then spend the rest of the year paying overhead on a business that does very little.

Fortunately, that’s changing. Halcyon is making it possible for professional tax preparers to live their lives without sacrificing their ability to earn a high income.

Escaping the Tax-Prep Rat Race

Many CPAs have a love-hate relationship with their businesses. On the one hand, they may have built a successful business over the years, serving a loyal customer base that rarely finds reason to leave them.

But on the other hand, keeping track of changes in the tax code and the personal financial information of their customers is tedious. Often, the CPA must meet with customers to go over their documents, which exposes them to the high risk of COVID contagion in today’s environment.

The data entry portion of the job alone takes many hours during tax season. And being responsible for that information can be a problem. CPAs have access to their clients’ bank account information, social security numbers, birthdays, and information about all of their assets and liabilities.

Failure to ensure effective data security is a critical risk that most tax preparers are not prepared to mitigate on their own. There has to be a better way to operate in this industry.


A Better Approach for the Tax Professional

There is a better way. Halcyon now makes it possible for trained tax preparation professionals to earn a steady income without having to spend money on marketing, client acquisition or management or even overhead and infrastructure.

Our crowdsourced platform offers consumers an easier way to track and manage their information, making it easier than ever for them to complete their annual tax returns. Even so, the vast majority will not file on their own without a review by a trained professional.

This is an incredible opportunity for CPAs

Halcyon provides automation and document management that allows consumers to upload and store their information in the cloud. Then, we use the same proven software that tax preparers nationwide have used to file millions of tax returns to automatically complete the return for the consumer.

All the CPA must do is log into the system, select a taxpayer who is requesting a review of their tax return paperwork and earn a great income, all without paying any of the traditional overhead associated with this business.

  • It’s time to get your life back.
  • Do what you’ve been trained to do, but on your own terms.
  • Do as much work or as little as you want from wherever you are. 
This changes everything.

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