Tax Preparation

A practical solution for targeted lead generation & financial visibility.  


Want to strengthen your client relationships?

Provide your clients tax preparation services to make tax season a non-event, while you receive powerful insights and targeted lead generation to expand your relationship. 

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Clients & Borrowers

  • Receive a secure portal to upload documents and let artificial intelligence and machine learning take over.

  • Once prepared, a CPA will review, answer any questions and sign off before filing.

  • Receive specific financial advice to maintain your financial health for the long run. 


Lenders & Financial Advisors

  • Invite your clients to have their taxes prepared by a Halcyon tax professional.

  • Once filed, receive personalized insights to deepen the relationship with your clients and have targeted conversations on how to improve their financial wealth.  


Tax Professionals

  • Whether you are retired, employed full time or just looking for a side gig, work when, where and how much you want when you partner with Halcyon during tax season.

  • Have peace of mind with your clients when using Halcyon's secure portal, making privacy and security the upmost priority.