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Uncover new revenue streams beyond the initial loan closing through powerful insights, digitally prepared tax returns, and RIA referrals to keep your client within your ecosystem, providing full service for all their needs.

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Halcyon IRS VOI - A New Way for Income Verification 

IRS income & tax transcripts for verification of income that cuts closing costs and decreases turnaround times, with multiple options for data delivery. Come see how we can provide a quicker and better solution for you and your clients to expedite the lending process. 

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Halcyon delivers unprecedented value anytime, any place on any device, streamlining the entire tax process with an intuitive digital workflow.


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You could realize $930,000 dollars of value with Halcyon
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Be more attentive to client needs: make your business recurring instead of transactional.

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Identify client needs and opportunities using artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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Avoid expensive marketing and lead generation efforts that promote irrelevant offers.

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The ease of using Halcyon's solution for income assessment with LPA is remarkable. This technology empowers us to streamline our operations, reduce costs, and improve our response time to borrowers. The level of support and industry knowledge offered by the Halcyon team is truly exceptional.
Kevin Williamson
President, Compass Mortgage
Halcyon is a great new product and service offering for any financial institution to provide their customers with a complete snapshot of their financial health while providing a state-of-the-art method of tax return preparation using the latest technologies including AI and machine learning.
Dave Lowman
Former CEO, Chase HomeLending
Halcyon is building the first scalable and intelligent cloud-based platform to usher tax preparation into the digital age. With AI, and the unique ability to bring crowdsourced efficiencies to tax preparation, financial institutions using Halcyon will have a better understanding of their clients while providing a valuable solution to a timeless need.
Scott Weikel
Founder & CEO, Family First Funding
Halcyon is the only organization that helps financial institutions deepen client relationships, increase repeat business, and reduce customer acquisition costs by delivering clients a modern and mobile-friendly tax preparation service.
David Wyle
CEO, SurePrep
Halcyon's Tax Transcript Income Verification product is a game-changer for lenders using LPA. It allows lenders to obtain an instant assessment for income calculation, giving lenders confidence in their underwriting processes.
Kelly Good
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Alcova
Halcyon has solved a major pain point for us in ordering tax transcripts. Our previous 4506C process was frustrating and costly, often resulting in delays due to rejection and reordering additional forms. The efficiencies resulting from Halcyon’s approach will transform the verification process for lenders.
Ryan P. Gillette
Chief Compliance Officer, First World Mortgage
We are thrilled about our partnership with Halcyon.  They have been a total game-changer, helping us reduce costs and stress.  Their systems are simple, integration was quick and easy, and support has been excellent.  We couldn’t be happier with the service we have received so far.
Megan Crowley
Production Operations Manager, VanDyk Mortgage
Drawing from my hands-on experience with the Halcyon Stillwater tax transcript product, I can attest to its exceptional efficiency. It not only significantly reduces waiting times compared to the IRS IVES process but also bypasses the known issues with address-based IRS 4506-C rejections. As a mortgage lender, this tool is a game-changer, streamlining our process for self-employed borrowers. The swift data retrieval and user-friendly interface empower us to expedite loan approvals, providing a smoother and faster lending experience for our customers.
Kevin Strika
VP of Operations, FirstOption Mortgage

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Deepen Client Relationships by Saving Them
Time, Effort and Money

A simple tool to organize the complex world of financial documents with real-time data analysis.

Asset, Debt & Income Analysis

A comprehensive way to discern a client’s full financial picture. As well as standardize and streamline the qualified income analysis process.


One Secure Financial Hub 

A central location for clients to safely access tax information and analysis. While achieving financial clarity like never before.


Clear, Real-Time Dashboards 

Consolidated portfolio viewing and financial event recognition with the ability to monitor changes to client credit health and debt utilization.

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